PDVSA Orinoco Field Production

In 2011 Pristec entered into an industrial program with the National Oil Company Petroleum De Venezuela S.A. (PDVSA) for converting 8 API Orinoco crude into a transportable and exportable medium heavy crude oil directly at the well head.

The Orinoco Belt in Venezuela is the largest deposit of extra-heavy crude oil in the world. PDVSA implemented a comprehensive international strategy to increase the production of Orinoco heavy crude oil and to improve the crude oil to light sweet quality as demanded by the international markets.
In June 2011 Pristec began the design and implementation of the pilot facility by integrating Hydrogen and Carbon cold cracking units in the Ayacucho Oil Block. Start up began in January 2013.

After attaining successful results, primarily in reduction of viscosity and density (API), Pristec shall implement upgrading infrastructure to utilize its upgrading system to reduce the blend of light oil that is used in the current process.