Reference Showcase

     Terminal: Refinery Residual Upgrading in China

         Pristec AG: Our Cold Cracking Plant in China with the processing capacity of 5 000 barrels per day. PGTLC – Pure Green Technology at Lowest Costs.

Well Head: Extra-Heavy Crude Upgrading in Orinoco, Venezuela

The Orinoco Petroleum Belt is known for having some of the heaviest crude oil deposits in the world. The Pristec wellhead implementation was able to significantly reduction the amount of costly diluent required for transportation to the refinery. Read more…

Terminal: Fuel Oil Upgrading at VESTA Terminal in Tallinn, Estonia

In June 2012 Pristec completed a 6 month industrial Upgrading Process in the Vesta Oil Terminal in Tallinn, Estonia and successfully upgraded Heavy Fuel Oils and other residual products. Read more…